Welcome to Sophie Anne Company LLC

We are modernizing the way red palm oil is made in Guinea! At Sophie Anne Company our goal is to sell pure, refined Red Palm Oil that is cleared of impurities usually found in unrefined red oil. We pride ourselves on industry standards, regulatory compliance and commitment to consumer safety.

About Sophie Anne Company LLC

We’ve been in business since 1997. Our goal has been to provide our clients with premium 100% red palm oil from Guinea. Our refined Red Palm Oil is the only oil in Guinea that meets the CODEX STAN International standards.

Working with Local Farmers

We are helping to create jobs, contributing to the success of local farmers in N’Zerekore, Guinea by supplying oil presses and logistical means to refine palm oil.

Latest News

SAC Dorota Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is pressed from the fruit of the oil palm. In its raw or virgin state […]


Benefits of our refined palm oil

In refined palm oil, there’s absence of odor and it has a specific taste, the palm oil with have high resistance to oxidation […]


How is refined palm oil made

The purpose of refining is to maintain or improve the organoleptic characteristics (neutral taste and odor, clarity, […]

Cooking With Red Palm Oil

Fried Palm Oil Stew with Assorted Meats with Dorota Palm Oil
Farofa with Sophie Anne Company's Dorota Palm Oil