Who We Are

Sophie Anne Company is a producer and marketer of natural palm oil, and agricultural products such as honey, cassava, soybeans, and dried leaves (cassava, potato etc …) from Forested Guinea. Since its creation in 1997, it has worked to expand and improve the production and marketing of agricultural products.

Our journey was a vision launched by our founder and current CEO Marie Louise Haba, who conceived the idea of creating, building, and establishing a business for the production and marketing of natural palm oil from Forest Guinea. It was truly a BIG dream. Her dream was to build an agro-business empire adding value to perishable agricultural products, thereby improving food security and leading to the creation of wealth for farmers in N’zérékoré. After being in operation since 1996, Sophie Anne Company has grown from a red oil sales company to a factory floor.

We are at the start of the modernization of our red palm oil processing unit, although it meets CODEX standards; we would like to have a manufacturing plant, where everything will be done. An area where we will buy palm nuts from local farmers and all the processing will be done in one place.


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