We are obviously still in the COVID era, business still needs to be open though, and our customers still request Dorota Red Palm oil, so we must deliver. It wasn’t easy this time around, we had so many trials and tribulations, this however wasn’t going to stop us from getting our products out to consumers.

Sophie Anne Company Factory in N’Zerekore, Guinea.

Our plant is located in N’Zerekore in Guinea (West Africa), because of the bad road conditions, it is not at all easy to get to this area, this is our first obstacle. Electricity and water issues pose major issues, so we have wells and solar power to help us manage.

Sophie Anne Company works with local palm tree farmers, we do this to help to local community and to encourage these local farmers to not cut but to keep the natural tall palm trees intact. It may be easy to grow the short palm trees, but the quality is very poor. So paying them the same amount or even more they receive from selling palm oil from short palm trees usually calms them down and they are usually hopeful of the future. The process of getting this special red palm oil is not easy either; we usually hire big trucks that goes far into villages, our trusted buyer will do the transactions with them and will bring the palm oil back to our plant to be cleaned.

One of our trusted Red Palm Oil buyer.

Once the red palm oil is back at our plant, the next process is to get rid of all dirt and impurities. This process is what makes us different from other sellers, we take care of our red palm oil making sure it’s pure yet clean.

Our special manual machines to clean red palm oil.

When cleaning is done, our employees are ready to pack and label the bottles. The truck is ready to load all of the packages for Conakry, where it will be embarked in a container for the final destination. The road to Conakry from Nzerekore is long and the roads are bad, so it usually takes a week or sometimes more for the truck to deliver Dorota Red Palm to Conakry.

As you use Dorota Red Palm, remember all the hard work that goes into making a quality product, made with you the consumer in mind. We not only want to sell you Palm Oil, but we want to offer the best there is, even if it’s time consuming and hard, our reward is us knowing that you’re using quality natural red palm oil from N’zerekore in Guinea.

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