SAC Dorota Red Palm Oil

We purify Dorota Red Palm Oil to eliminate undesirable compounds (gums, waxes, free fatty acids, pigments, metallic traces, and volatile odorous compounds) and the contaminants possibly present in the raw materials while controlling the formation of the new undesirable compounds by hydrolysis, oxidation or isomerization while maintaining the neutral taste and odor, clarity, natural color, nutritional properties and stability of fats found in red palm oil.

It is this natural red palm oil that Sophie Anne Company offers you.

You can buy Dorota natural red palm oil undiluted, pure, and produced locally to prepare your traditional dishes. It is a safe and healthy choice without any additives such as SUDAN red dye to make it appear reddish.

It has a natural taste as nature intended and has no impurities or particles that are usually found in crude red palm oil. It is hygienically packaged with less human contact. We offer a high-quality product that meets international standards (CODEX standards).