Why is palm oil bad

The natural palm oil (Elaeis Guineensis) is a non-genetically modified organism which produces oil without any addition of chemical fertilizer. The naturally occurring natural palm is an inexhaustible source for obtaining the raw material (Red Oil).

The extraction of red oil from the natural palm is a daily activity of the peasant layer of Guinée Forestière and certain localities of Lower Guinea. The Guinean red oil is not cleared of certain impurities, does not show its true nature. Some traders, to deceive the vigilance of consumers, prefer to add Sudan 4, etc. in the palm oil to make it crystal clear and attractive. Therefore, its marketing on the national and international market was almost banned at some point.

Sophie Anne Company LLC has decided to invest in improving the quality of this oil by:

  • Assisting to the local population in the production of natural palm oil by the supply of oil presses and logistical means,
  • Refining palm oil
  • and Making this refined palm oil accessible to all consumers in Guinea and abroad.

Given all these threats and with the aim of improving the quality of the natural palm oil, the Ministry of Industry put experts at its disposal for the installation of the decanters in N’zérékoré in June 2014. The results obtained after the first decantation meet the CODEX STAN International standards by two different laboratories:

  • CERE (Center for Studies and Research in Environment) of UGAN (Gamal Abdel Nasser University) in the Republic of Guinea;
  • LANAC (National Laboratory for Analysis and Control) of Senegal.

Palm oil may be bad when coloring is added to it to deceive customers. Palm oil can be considered high in cholesterol when its crude and not cleared of impurities, but this is not the case of Sophie Anne Company’s Red Palm Oil, as we follow strict guidelines in refining our palm oil, not only doing so; we test our palm oil with different companies from two different countries which by the way, are internationally certified by FAO.

In a way palm oil is not bad when you purchase from us, we guarantee you great taste and a healthy palm oil for your every day cooking, skin care or hair care as it contains vitamin E.