Sophie Anne Company’s Dorota Red Palm oil is finally delivered in the US.

We are obviously still in the COVID era, business still needs to be open though, and our customers still request Dorota Red Palm oil, so we must deliver. It wasn’t easy this time around, we had so many trials and tribulations, this however wasn’t going to stop us from getting our products out to consumers. […]

Red Palm Oil

SAC Dorota Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is pressed from the fruit of the oil palm. In its raw or virgin state […]

Benefits of our refined palm oil

In refined palm oil, there’s absence of odor and it has a specific taste, the palm oil with have high resistance to oxidation […]

How is refined palm oil made

The purpose of refining is to maintain or improve the organoleptic characteristics (neutral taste and odor, clarity, […]

Why is palm oil bad

The natural palm oil is a non-genetically modified organism which produces oil without any addition of chemical fertilizer […]